• Jina

    Beauitiful Kisses

    In Jina’s 4th Mini Album “Beautiful Kisses”, “First Kiss” was written by our lyricist, Min Yeon Jae.

  • Position

    Sarang eun upda

    Among the OST from KBS Korean Drama called "Yawang", song name "Sarang eun upda" by Position was written by our lyricist Min Yeon Jae

  • 2AM


    2AM released new album lyric in song 'Kuetae' is written by Min Yeon Jae.

  • Seo In kook

    Nurtteme Motsara

    Seo In kook released digital single "Nurtteme Motsara" lyric written by Min Yeon Jae.

  • Post Man

    Shinchon eul Motga

    Post Man digital single “Shinchon eul Motga” was written by our lyricist, Min Yeon Jae.

  • IRIS2

    i love you

    Among the OST from KBS Korean Drama called "IRIS2", song name "I Love You" by Soul Cry was composed and written by Jeong Jin Whan.


    Break Down

    Super Junior M released 2nd album "Break Down" lyric in title song "Break Down" is co-written by Seo Ji Eum,Lee hyo Min and Lee Seu Ran

  • 4MEN

    The True Sory

    4Men released 5th album 'The True Story' lyric in title song 'An Nyeong Naya' is written by Min Yeon Jae

  • 2AM


    JP's Song ' 愛の歌がRadioから' included 2AM's released 1st Japan album 'VOICE'.


  • Lee Jun Ki / Yoo Sung Chan

    Ahrang Satojun

    "Haruman" by Lee Jun Ki was written by our lyricist Joy Factory,"Sinkiru" by Yoo Sung Chan was composed by JP and written by Seo Ji Eum.



    Secret's 3rd mini album, "1,2,3" written by Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley, Javior Solis was released.

  • BOA

    Not over U

    In BoA’s 7th Album “Only One”, “Not over U” was written by our lyricist, Lee Hyo Min.

  • Yim Jae Beum

    Leeddohan Jinagalira

    In Yim Jae Beum's 6th album "To","Leeddohan Jinagalira" was written and composed by Hong Sung Min

  • F(x)

    Electric Shock

    FX released 2nd mini album 'Electric Shock' lyric in title song 'Electric Shock' is written by Seo Ji Eum.



    Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley, Javier Solis and Seo Ji Eum's song 'Twinkle',Joy Factory's song 'Baby Step'

  • Jun-Ki Lee


    JP's Song 'Born Again' and Joy Factory lyric are included Jun-Ki Lee's released mini album

  • Shinee

    4th mini album "Sherlock"

    Brandon Fraley's song "Nuel GuJaLeEe", is included in Shinee's new released mini-album Vol.4 "Sherlock".

  • Jun-Ki Lee


    JP’s song “Born Again” and Joy Factory’s lyric are included in Jun-Ki Lee’s mini-album “Deucer” in Japan.

  • Shinee

    new live album

    Michael Lee's "Quasimodo" and Brandon Fraley's "Your Name" are included in Shinee's new live album.




    Arranged and composed, “THANK YOU MY GIRL” for TVXQ’s (TOHOSINKI) Japanese "TONE" album.


    Mr Simple

    Arranged lyrics in “Sunflowers” for Super Junior’s 5th album "Mr. Simple.”


    The Boys

    Arranged lyrics on “Mr.Taxi” and “Lazy Girl” for Girl’s Generation’s third album “THE BOYS.”

  • Hyun-Joong Kim


    Arranged lyrics in title “BREAKDOWN” and two other songs for Hyun-Joong Kim’s 1st mini-album “BREAKDOWN”.

  • Hyun-Joong Kim


    Arranged lyrics in “U” and “DO YOU LIKE THAT” for Hyun-Joong Kim’s 2nd mini-album, “LUCKY”.

  • Yeon-Woo Kim

    "I was happy. Goodbye

    Lyrics written in one song “I was happy, Goodbye,” for Yeon-Woo Kim’s 2nd album “Mr. Big”.

  • Big Mama's


    Ashley Mount’s “Angel”, was chosen as a title song for Big-mama’s single album release.

  • Aaron Kwok, Sonryeo, JukSul, WIND WONG and others

    Over 50 songs have announced in local artist’s album in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. ["Aaron Kwok", "Sonryeo", "JukSul", "WIND WONG", "HENRY TSENG", "WILLIAM CHAN", "WolrYang", "MaCheonWoo", "JangJeongYoung", "DANIEL", etc.]


  • LYN

    Make It Rock

    Arranged and composed a song “Make It Rock” for Lyn’s first min-album.

  • Fly To The Sky

    Song For You

    Arranged and composed, “Song For You” for Fly to the Sky’s album “Dicennium.”

  • Zhang Li Yin

    Love Me

    Arranged and composed “Love Me” for Chinese singer, Zhang Li Yin’s 2nd mini-album.

  • hwanhee

    Late Confession / BRING IT BACK

    Arranged and composed, “Bring It Back”, “Late Confession” and 3 other songs for HWANHEE’s 1st album "H Soul".


    Caramel Coffee

    Arranged lyrics in “Caramel Coffee” for Girl’s Generation’s 2nd album “Oh”.


    Your Name / Arrow

    Arranged and composed, “Your Name” and “Arrow” for SHINEE’s 2nd album, “Lucifer”.

  • Super Junior

    My Only Girl

    Arranged and composed, “My Only Girl” for SUPER JUNIOR’s 4th album “Bonamana”.


  • Zhang Li Yin

    I believe in Love

    Composed, “I believe in Love” for Chinese singer, Zhang Li Yin’s 1st album “I Will”.

  • Gummy

    "I'm Gonna Miss You

    Composed, “ I’m Gonna Miss You” for Gummy’s album “Comfort”.

  • Super Junior


    Composed one song, “I’ Am” for Super Junior’s 2nd album “Don’t Don”.


    I'll Never Let You Go

    Arranged and composed one song, “I’ll Never Let You Go” for Shinwha’s mini-album “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

  • BakHwaYoBi 

    Bad Lady / This Is Love

    Arranged and composed, “Bad Lady” and “This is Love” for BakHwaYoBi’s mini-album.

  • SM Town


    Among SM TOWN’S 2009 summer special album, we composed and arranged TVXQ’S song “12:24”.


  • Tei

    Do not cry 

    Composed and arranged one song, “Do not cry” for Tei’s 3rd album.

  • Storm


    For Storm Kitty’s 1st album “Storm”, we composed and arranged six songs including “Kitty”.

  • SAT


    Composed and arranged one song, “Fool” for SAT’s 1st album.

  • Casa*Nova

    Lucky Day

    Composed and arranged one song, “Lucky Day” for Casa*Nova’s 2nd album.

  • TVXQ


    Compose and arranged one song, “Travels” for TVXQ’s “Travel” album.

  • Brown eyes girls

    Farewell Letter / Tagger / No Man

    Composed and arranged three songs, “Farewell Letter”, “Tagger’ and “No Man” for Brown Eyed Girl’s 2nd album.

  • Ride mackerel 

    Summer Sunshine

    Composed, “Summer Sunshine” as an OST for SBS Drama “Run Mackerel”.

  • Common Ground 

    Soul Train / Keep Up

    Composed and arranged, “Soul Train” and “Keep Up” for Common Ground’s 2nd album.

2007 ~ 2006

  • BOA


    Composed a theme song, “Sunshine” for Boa’s movie “Love Me Not”.

  • Super Junior

    Only one

    Composed two theme songs, “Hyenas” and “Only One” for Super Junior’s TV-Drama, KRY.

  • SAT&M


    Composed and arranged, “Eraser” for SAT&M Digital Single album.

  • Cloud Stairs 

    Blue  / Don't Let Me Go

    Participated In music directing with composing arrangement, “Don’t Let Me Go” and “Blue” as an OST for KBS Mini-series drama “Cloud Stairway”.

  • Ji-Yong Su

    Can't Wait / Stop

    Composed and arranged two songs, “Can’t Wait” and “Stop” for Ji-Yong Su’s 2nd album.

  • Paran

    five step / Overlap 

    Composed and arranged two songs, “Five Steps” and “Overlap” for Paran’s 2nd album.

  • Zhang Li Yin 


    Composed and arranged one song, “Y” for Chinese singer, Zhang Li Yin’s 1st album “Timeless”.